Underreamer – G-2 Conventional GaugeMaster

Our underreamer is known for its durable construction and reliable power. These are the hallmarks of our GaugeMaster Conventional Underreamer. You can count on full-extension and solid performance. We start with the finest materials, then incorporate our exclusive designs into a tool that performs to your expectations. Your down-hole diameters will be correct, and our durable Conventional Underreamer will last and last. Here’s why:

  • Entire tool made from 4140 heat-treated steel, making a strong, durable tool.
  • Cutter arms are forged, not simply cast. They feature full-length stabilizer pads able to sustain more torque while underreaming.
  • Underreamer cutters, both mill-tooth and T.C.I., are custom-manufactured to stringent B.B.&T. specifications.
  • Standard arm lengths for all diameters means no extra parts or changing arms. (Gauge determined by bolt-in side stops.)
  • Easily retrievable.