Underreamer – Dart Out GaugeMaster Driller

The GaugeMaster Driller with the dart out becomes one of the finest underreamers available today. After drilling your production zone and cleaning out to bottom, begin the underreaming process with the same tool that drilled your production zone. Save money by saving trips in and out, and get more done in less time. Here’s how:

  • After production zone is drilled, the dart is removed. This causes our two durable cutting arms to deploy. Underreaming is now underway. No extra trips necessary to change tools. Save time and money.
  • Dart in-out system means ultimate flexibility. Drill, underream, or do both at the same time. You can change tool configuration down-hole at your command.
  • Two-arm tool allows for larger, heavy-duty cutters. The tool is stronger and more reliable.
  • Entire tool made from 4140 heat-treated steel, making a strong, durable tool.
  • Easily retrievable.