Underreamer – Disposable GaugeMaster

The GaugeMaster Disposable Underreamer is a very durable yet cost-effective underreaming tool built to the same demanding specifications as our other tools. Our disposable underreamer offers many of the same unique features as our retrievable underreamers, with specific changes to integrate our disposable tool into the new one-step drill-in liner systems in use today. Here’s how:

  • Components are welded in place, rather than bolted, creating a very strong tool.
  • Underreamer works well with foam, with extensive history of success. Save time and money, reduce trips and downtime.
  • Cutting arms retract after pressure release, allowing you to pull the liner at a future date. Great flexibility at a disposable price.
  • Two-arm tool allows for larger, heavy-duty cutters. The tool is stronger and more reliable.
  • Entire tool made from 4140 heat-treated steel, making a strong durable tool